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Sept 17 (Reuters) – Every week, Reuters journalists produce scores of multimedia features and human-interest stories from around the world.

Below are some engaging stories selected by our editors, as well as explanatory context and background on world headlines. For a full schedule of news and events, please go to our editorial calendar on Reuters Connect here.

Sea of Slush: Arctic sea ice lows mark a new polar climate regime

ARCTIC OCEAN, Sept 14 – At the edge of the ice blanketing part of the Arctic Ocean, the ice on Monday looked sickly. Where thick sheets of ice once sat atop the water, now a layer of soft, spongey slush slid and bobbed atop the waves. (CLIMATE-CHANGE/ARCTIC-SEA ICE (PIX, TV), by Natalie Thomas and Cassandra Garrison, 731 words)

Unleash the ducks! Thai drought worries threaten farming tradition

NAKHON PATHOM, Sept 15 – After harvesting the rice crop in this part of central Thailand, a flock of around 10,000 ducks is released from a pen and instinctively stream towards the flooded fields to devour pests such as snails hiding in the rice stubble. (THAILAND-DUCKS/(TV, PIX), by Prapan Chankaew, 332 words)

Not so white Emmys: a blip, or real progress on diversity?

LOS ANGELES, Sept 14 – From “Insecure”s 20-something women to the Muslim-American star of “Ramy,” Sunday’s Emmy line-up is an unprecedented showcase for people of color. (AWARDS-EMMYS/DIVERSITY (TV, PIX), by Jill Serjeant, 487 words)

Pandemic ‘hero’ Filipino nurses struggle to leave home

MANILA, Sept 16 – From across the Philippines, they gathered to pray by Zoom. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/PHILIPPINE-NURSES (INSIGHT, PIX), by Karen Lema and Clare Baldwin, 1487 words)

Burned jaguars, fire tornadoes: Blazes in Brazil wetland deliver climate warning

POCONÉ, Sept 14 – A fire has been burning since mid-July in the remote wetlands of west-central Brazil, leaving in its wake a vast charred desolation bigger than New York City. (CLIMATE-CHANGE/BRAZIL-PANTANAL (INSIGHT, PIX, TV), by Jake Spring, 1185 words)

Wall Street fundraisers turn into wallflowers during 2020 U.S. election

BOSTON, Sept 14 – Early this year, a prominent billionaire tried several times to organize a fundraiser for presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, a moderate who gained favor among Wall Street Democrats. (USA-ELECTION/WALLSTREET (PIX), by Svea Herbst-Bayliss, 837 words)

Millions of African children rely on TV education during pandemic

NAIROBI, Sept 15 – Five-year-old Kenyan student Miguel Munene sits between his parents, holding their hands as he watches cartoon characters teaching him to pronounce “fish”. (HEALTH–CORONAVIRUS/AFRICA-EDUCATION (PIX, TV), by NAZANINE MOSHIRI, 339 words)

‘It made a lot of ash’: California lightning fire torches family cabin

BROOKDALE, Sept 16 – Sandra Stone’s family has been coming for years to the cabin along Clear Creek in Brookdale, California, that her great-grandparents built in 1907 using redwood for beams and cut glass crystal for windows. (USA-WILDFIRES/CALIFORNIA-CZUFIRE (TV), by Nathan Frandino, 378 words)

Rare dolphins return to Hong Kong as coronavirus halts ferry traffic

HONG KONG, Sept 14 – The number of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins seen around Hong Kong has jumped as the pause in high-speed ferry traffic due to the coronavirus allows the threatened species to make something of a comeback, scientists said. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/HONGKONG-DOLPHINS (PIX, TV), moved, 371 words)

Trump or Biden? Peruvian shamans try to predict U.S. election winner

LIMA, Sept 16 – With incense smoke, flowers and photos of President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden, Peruvian shamans performed an ancestral ritual on Wednesday for the U.S. elections, but there was little agreement about who would win the Nov. 3 ballot. (USA-ELECTION/PERU-SHAMANS (PIX, TV), moved, 274 words)


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FACTBOX-Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison’s history of support for Trump

FACTBOX-Eyes on thorough reforms: Key policies of Japan’s next PM Suga

FACTBOX-New cabinet, same faces: Japan’s new PM Suga keeps key ministers

FACTBOX-Venus, named for the goddess of love, is no cuddly place

FACTBOX-Europe’s plan to make deeper emissions cuts this decade


New global tracker (

GRAPHIC-Reaching herd immunity in a viral pandemic (

GRAPHIC-U.S. COVID-19 cases fall 15% in past week, deaths down for 4 weeks (

FACTBOX-Record one-day increases in COVID-19 cases in seven U.S. states in September

FACTBOX-The race for a coronavirus vaccine

The Lifeline Pipeline: the drugs, tests and tactics that may conquer coronavirus (

Coronavirus and the global economy (

The new normal: How far is far enough? (

Prominent people diagnosed with COVID-19

U.S. tracker ( (Compiled by Leela de Kretser, Patrick Enright, Janet Lawrence and Tiffany Wu)


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