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India has told the United Nations as a “leading contributor to climate action”, it has reduced 38 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually. 

In a written statement at UN Security Council, India highlighted that in the last decade “around 3 million hectares of forest and tree cover has been added” which has “enhanced the combined forest and tree cover to24.56% of the total geographical area of the country.”

It listed out that India aims to “restore 26 million hectares of degraded and deforested land and achieve land-degradation neutrality by 2030” and have set “additional targets of eliminating single-use plastic by 2022 and installing 450GW of renewable energy by 2030.”

India’s statement was at the Open Debate on “Humanitarian Effects of Environmental Degradation and Peace security”.

India also pointed out principles such as “Common But Differentiated Responsibilities” are sacrosanct when it comes to environmental protection and “steering away from these principles….attempting to discuss such issues by obfuscating those responsible for addressing them will only do a disservice to the real issue rather than make it more meaningful to address them.”

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