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It’s all over! Rajasthan Royals (163/5 in 19.5 overs) beat Sunrisers Hyderabad (158/4) by 5 wickets

Rajasthan Royals defeated Sunrisers Hyderabad by five wickets in Dubai on Sunday. Opting to bat, Manish Pandey made 54 while skipper

David Warner

scored 48 to guide SRH to 158 for 4, a target which Royals chased down with a ball to spare as Rahul Tewatia smashed 45 not out off 28 balls.

What a way to win the game. A MAXIMUM by Riyan Parag as @rajasthanroyals beat #SRH by 5 wickets.This has been abs… https://t.co/oqm3Yr79QO

β€” IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) 1602423981000

19.5 overs: SIX! Riyan Parag (42*) finishes off in style, hitting Khaleel Ahmed over deep point for a maximum. RR 163/5, win by 5 wickets

19 overs: RR 151/5, need 8 off 6 balls

14 runs off T Natarajan’s over and Rajasthan are on course of a fighting victory.

18.4 overs: BOOM! 4, 6 – Rahul Tewatia (41*) smacks T Natarajan for a four and a six in consecutive balls. RR 149/5, need 10 off 8 now

18 overs: RR 137/5, need 22 off 12 balls

14 runs off Rashid Khan’s final over – 4-0-25-2. Good one for Rajasthan.

17.4 overs: BOOM! 4, 4, 4 – Rahul Tewatia (30*) smacks Rashid Khan for three successive fours. RR 136/5, need 23 off 14 balls

17 overs: RR 123/5, need 36 off 18 balls

18 runs off Sandeep Sharma’s over. The wheel is turning towards Rajasthan’s favour now. After Rahul Tewatia’s first-ball six, Riyan Parag (31*) hit back-to-back fours off the pacer in it. The chase is totally on right now.

16.1 overs: SIX! Rahul Tewatia (15*) smacks Sandeep Sharma over wide long-on for a maximum. The chase is on! – RR 111/5

* Riyan Parag (21*) smacks Khaleel Ahmed over deep midwicket for a six to bring up 100 for RR in 16 overs – 105/5, need 54 off 24 balls


15 overs: RR 94/5, need 65 off 30 balls

Another tidy over from Hyderabad bowlers. T Natarajan conceded just six singles in it.

14 overs: RR 88/5

Just four singles off Sandeep Sharma’s over. The asking rate for Rajasthan is now just below 12 and they need another Rahul Tewatia special to win this one.

13 overs: RR 84/5, need 75 off 42 balls

Good, tidy over from Vijay Shankar as he gave away just six runs in it including two wides.

11.6 overs: OUT! Rashid Khan dismisses Sanju Samson (26). RR 78/5

Big wicket. Samson was out caught behind for 26 off 25 balls, which included three fours. Rajasthan have lost half their side and are in big trouble now.

11 overs: RR 72/4

Just five singles off Vijay Shankar’s over. Good, tidy one from the medium pacer.

10 overs: RR 67/4, need 92 off 60 balls

Big LBW shout against Riyan Parag off the last ball and David Warner decided to take a review and lost it. This time the ball was missing the leg stump. Rashid Khan took a wicket and gave away just four singles in it.

9.1 overs: OUT! Rashid Khan gets rid of Robin Uthappa (18). RR 63/4

Uthappa went straight up for a review, but the replay showed that the ball was hitting the leg stump. Rajasthan Royals lost both review and the batsman. Uthappa departed after scoring 18 off 15 balls which included a six and a four.


9 overs: RR 63/3, need 96 off 66 balls

Sanju Samson (19*) ended Vijay Shankar’s over with a cracking four through point as they scored 11 runs in it. Good one for Rajasthan.

* Change at both ends: Vijay Shankar comes into the attack

8 overs: RR 52/3

Just 5 runs off Rashid Khan’s first over.

* 50 comes up for RR in 7.4 overs — 50/3

* Bowling change: Rashid Khan comes into the attack

7 overs: RR 47/3, need 112 off 78 balls

11 runs off Abhishek Sharma’s first over as Sanju Samson (9*) hit two fours off successive balls in it.

6.3 overs: FOURS! Sanju Samson opens his account with back-to-back fours off Abhishek Sharma. RR 45/3

* Bowling change: Abhishek Sharma comes into the attack

6 overs: RR 36/3

End of Powerplay. T Natarajan bowled a rare maiden over, six dot balls to Sanju Samson.

5 overs: RR 36/3

Robin Uthappa (10*) started with a six and a four off Khaleel Ahmed, after the pacer removed Jos Buttler off the first ball.

4.1 overs: OUT! Khaleel Ahmed strikes again, dismisses Jos Buttler (16). RR 26/3

Inside edged and Jonny Bairstow took a good divind catch behind the stumps. Second wicket for Khaleel Ahmed and Rajasthan are in danger of losing the plot. They need a good partnership to be in the hunt.

4 overs: RR 26/2

12 runs off T Natarajan’s over.

3.4 overs: OUT! Steve Smith run out for 5. RR 25/2

While trying to steal a second run, RR skipper found himself just short of the crease despite making a desperate dive-in. Horrible mistake, especially after scoring 10 in the previous two balls.

3.3 overs: SIX! Jos Buttler (14*) smacks T Natarajan flat over backward square boundary for first maximum of the run chase. RR 24/1

* Bowling change: T Natarajan comes into the attack

3 overs: RR 14/1

Another tidy over from Sandeep Sharma, just four singles off it.

2 overs: RR 10/1

Successful start from Khaleel Ahmed – a big wicket and just four runs off it.

1.2 overs: OUT! Khaleel Ahmed cleans up Ben Stokes for 5. RR 7/1

BIG WICKET. Ahmed provided an early breakthrough for Hyderabad as Stokes inside edged this one into his stumps.

1 over: RR 6/0

Sandeep Sharma started his spell with a six-run over.

0.3 overs: FOUR! Ben Stokes opens his account with a four straight down the ground to long-on off Sandeep Sharma. RR 4/0

Welcome Back! Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler to start the RR run chase. Sandeep Sharma with the ball for SRH.

20 overs: SRH 158/4

Priyam Garg (15) ran-out off the final ball, but Hyderabad managed to score 16 off Jaydev Unadkat in the over. Kane Williamson remained unbeaten on 22 off 12 balls with the help of two sixes.

19.1 overs: SIX! Priyam Garg (9*) smacks Jaydev Unadkat over deep midwicket for a maximum. SRH 148/3

19 overs: SRH 142/3

6, N1, 0, 2, 1, 2, 6 – 19 runs off Jofra Archer’s final over as Kane Williamson (19*) smacked two sixes in it. Good penultimate over for Hyderabad. Archer’s final figures: 4-0-25-1

18.1 overs: SIX! Kane Williamson (10*) smacks a one-handed six over long-on off Jofra Archer. SRH 129/3

18 overs: SRH 123/3

Brilliant stuff from Jaydev Unadkat – a wicket and six runs off it.

17.4 overs: OUT! Jaydev Unadkat dismisses Manish Pandey (54). SRH 122/3

A tired Pandey holed out at long-on by Rahul Tewatia. Good change of speed from Unadkat. Pandey scored 54 off 44 balls with the help of three sixes and two fours.

17 overs: SRH 117/2

8 runs off Kartik Tyagi’s over, a good one from the pacer at this stage.

* FIFTY for Manish Pandey off 40 balls, his 17th in IPL. SRH 116/2 in 16.4 overs

Pandey hit three sixes and two fours to reach the landmark.


16 overs: SRH 109/2

13 runs off Rahul Tewatia’s final over as Manish Pandey (44*) hit a four and a six in it. Tewatia’a final figures: 4-0-35-0

15.4 overs: SIX! Manish Pandey (41*) charges down again and smacks Rahul Tewatia over long-on for another maximum. SRH 106/2

* Manish Pandey (35*) brings up 100 for SRH with a four off Rahul Tewatia – 100/2 in 15.1 overs

15 overs: SRH 96/2

A wicket and three runs off Jofra Archer’s over.

14.4 overs: OUT! Jofra Archer cleans up David Warner for 48. SRH 96/2

Big Wicket. Bowled! Archer ended Warner’s stay in the middle as he castled Sunrisers skipper’s stumps. Warner scored 48 off 38 balls which included two sixes and three fours. Warner also added 73 runs for the second wicket with Manish Pandey.

14 overs: SRH 93/1

10 runs off Shreyas Gopal’s final over as the spinner returned figures of 0 for 31 in 4 overs.

13.3 overs: SIX! Manish Pandey (29*) smacks Shreyas Gopal over long-on for his second maximum. SRH 90/1

13 overs: SRH 83/1

Six singles off Jaydev Unadkat’s over. It’s tough to score freely in the middle due to the slowness of the pitch. Boundaries not coming freely either, just three fours and four sixes hit so far in the first 13 overs.

12 overs: SRH 77/1

Brilliant over at this stage from Rahul Tewatia, gave away just three singles in it.

11 overs: SRH 74/1

11 runs off Kartik Tyagi’s over as David Warner hit a six in it.

* 50-run partnership between David Warner (39*) and Manish Pandey (17*) for the second wicket. SRH 73/1 in 10.4 overs

10.2 overs: SIX! David Warner (36*) smacks Kartik Tyagi over mid-off for a big six. SRH 70/1

10 overs: SRH 63/1

Five singles and a two off Rahul Tewatia’s second over.

9 overs: SRH 56/1

David Warner (26*) ended Ben Stokes over with a four towards deep extra cover, after the pacer conceded just three singles in his first five balls.

* 50 comes up for SRH in 8.1 overs – 50/1

* Bowling change: Ben Stokes comes into the attack

Milestone πŸ”“@im_manishpandey brings up 3000 runs in the IPL πŸ‘πŸ‘#Dream11IPL https://t.co/q9ns8ilc3a

β€” IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) 1602412602000


8 overs: SRH 49/1

Back-to-back good overs for Hyderabad as they scored 11 runs off Shreyas Gopal.

7.3 overs: SIX! David Warner (18*) smacks Shreyas Gopal over long-on for his first maximum. SRH 45/1

7 overs: SRH 38/1

12 runs off Rahul Tewatia’s over as Manish Pandey smacked a six in it before David Warner reverse-sweep one for a four. First big over for Hyderabad.

6.2 overs: SIX! Manish Pandey (8*) charges out and smacks Rahul Tewatia over long-on for a maximum. SRH 33/1

* More bowling change: Rahul Tewatia comes into the attack

6 overs: 26/1

End of Powerplay. Jaydev Unadkat too started his spell with a tidy over, giving away just three singles in it.

* Change at both ends: Jaydev Unadkat comes into the attack

5 overs: SRH 23/1

10 runs and a wicket from Kartik Tyagi’s first over.

4.4 overs: OUT! Kartik Tyagi gets rid of Jonny Bairstow (16). SRH 23/1

Brilliant diving catch by Sanju Samsom at square leg boundary as Bairstow tried to hit two sixes in a row off Tyagi. Big breakthrough for Rajasthan.

4.3 overs: SIX! Jonny Bairstow (16*) opens his boundary count with a maximum over mid-wicket off Kartik Tyagi. SRH 23/1

* First bowling change: Kartik Tyagi comes into the attack

4 overs: SRH 13/0

7 runs off Shreyas Gopal’s second over with David Warner (7*) hitting a four in it.

3.2 overs: FOUR! First boundary of the match. David Warner (6*) hits a four towards deep midwicket off Shreyas Gopal. SRH 11/0

3 overs: SRH 6/0

Brilliant fast bowling from Jofra Archer, bowled five straight dot balls before a single off the last delivery through a misfield. What a start for Rajasthan.

2 overs: SRH 5/0

Tidy start from Shreyas Gopal too, gave away just three singles in it.

* Shreyas Gopal to share the new ball with Jofra Archer

1 over: SRH 2/0

Good, tidy start from Jofra Archer, gave away just two singles in it.

Here we go…David Warner and Jonny Bairstow to start the SRH innings. Jofra Archer with the ball for RR.

100th IPL match for Sanju Samson

Sam-ton! πŸ’―#SRHvRR | #HallaBol | #IPL2020 | @IamSanjuSamson https://t.co/xzCUGLNKzf

β€” Rajasthan Royals (@rajasthanroyals) 1602409866000


The 🦁 is π™—π™–π™˜π™ .#SRHvRR | #HallaBol | #IPL2020 | @benstokes38 https://t.co/SzrzoCODl5

β€” Rajasthan Royals (@rajasthanroyals) 1602409044000

Team Changes

SRH: Vijay Shankar comes in for Abdul Samad.

RR: Stokes is back. Riyan Parag and Uthappa are back. The three have replaced Andrew Tye, Yashashwi Jaiswal and Mahipal Lomror.


Rajasthan Royals: Jos Buttler (wk), Robin Uthappa, Sanju Samson, Steven Smith (captain), Ben Stokes, Riyan Parag, Rahul Tewatia, Jofra Archer, Shreyas Gopal, Kartik Tyagi, Varun Aaron

RT when you see it. πŸ‘€#SRHvRR | #HallaBol | #RoyalsFamily | #IPL2020 | @Dream11 https://t.co/c1ziYBtBq1

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Sunrisers Hyderabad: David Warner (captain), Jonny Bairstow (wk), Manish Pandey, Kane Williamson, Vijay Shankar, Priyam Garg, Abhishek Sharma, Rashid Khan, Sandeep Sharma, Khaleel Ahmed, T Natarajan

1⃣ change: Shankar comes in for SamadπŸ“œ Check our full lineup πŸ‘‡#SRHvRR #OrangeArmy #KeepRising https://t.co/Qb55JbKISh

β€” SunRisers Hyderabad (@SunRisers) 1602408826000

A look at the Playing XI for #SRHvRR #Dream11IPL https://t.co/3J8lPFM643

β€” IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) 1602409390000



We can hopefully rectify a few things today. We want to compete today. Looks like a used wicket, could slow down. We’ll have to take some early wickets – Look he trained well and he’s in today (Stokes). Two other changes as well. Stokes, Riyan Parag and Robin Uthappa are back. We’ll need to keep moving forward, we have a good team and we need to compete.


We’ll bat first. It’s a nice wicket, we will need to make most of the powerplay overs, hopefully, things will go on nicely today. We have a lot of young legs in our team, the seniors take full responsibility. We are taking each game as it comes – Vijay Shankar in and Samad misses out.

TOSS: Sunrisers Hyderabad captain David Warner wins toss, opts to bat against Rajasthan Royals

#SRH have won the toss and they will bat first against #RR at Dubai.#Dream11IPL #SRHvRR https://t.co/DM5Tgl2Nqt

β€” IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) 1602408970000

It’s TOSS time, folks. Both the captains David Warner (SRH) and Steve Smith (RR) are in the middle.


“This is the same pitch on which last night’s match took place. It’s definitely getting dry and all the grass has gone. The square boundaries are quite big and the pacers are enjoying bowling short on this surface. Win the toss and bat first” – BY Kevin Pietersen and Michael Slater

Hello and welcome to the Live coverage of Match 26 of the IPL 2020 between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Rajasthan Royals.

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