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In addition to six new games coming to the Pro subscription this morning, Google announced that the Stadia Controller now supports USB-C headphones when playing on a Chromecast or the web.

Plug your USB-C headset into a Stadia controller when playing on Chromecast or on Web.

This straightforward capability compliments the 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom of the first-party accessory and adds another audio/microphone option. Since launching last November, the USB-C port has just been used for charging the controller and direct connections to phones and PCs.

Google’s support document has yet to be updated, and still notes how the “Stadia [Controller] does not currently support headphone or headset connections via Bluetooth or USB-C port.”

Speaking of other connections, Google last year promised that the Controller will support Bluetooth audio, but not at launch. That is still the case today, but adding USB-C is a step in that general direction.

USB-C headphone support comes as some users reported receiving a Stadia Controller update in the past week after turning the accessory on.

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