Week 5 in review: Galaxy S20 and Z Flip rumors, next-gen Poco, iPhone 9 with a Home button
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Looking back on the past week, it was a fairly predictable stream of Galaxy related tidbits – after all, the S20 family is set for announcement in less than two weeks. We were treated to a new revelation about the 64MP camera of the upcoming flagship family, alongside a hint at low-light photo prowess, plus some GeekBench scores. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Z Flip foldable showed up in official renders and it’s seemingly coming to market right this month for the reasonable price of $1400.

The other star of the week was the upcoming Poco X2. Some key features were revealed, and as time passes by it becames all the more obvious that it’s going to be a rebranded Xiaomi K30 – not that it’s a bad thing.

Word got out on the street that the iPhone SE 2 that’s been some time in the making, and will likely be called iPhone 9, will also have a Home button. In 2020!

A Huawei exec made a splash a couple of days ago – he was quoted as saying that Huawei won’t be returning to using Google apps and services regardless of a potential lift of the US ban on American companies to supply Chinese companies with US technology. It later turned out that the matter might be more nuanced than that, and we’re still hoping for fully functional Mates in the future, because GMS is hard to replace in western markets.

You can read up on the details by following the links below, where you’ll also find some more highlights of the week.

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