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By Sasha Lekach

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Apple released four new iPhones at its big event on Tuesday.

The iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max are all 5G-enabled. And they have another thing in common: You have to pay extra for basic accessories that used to come with every iPhone. 

For the first time, Apple is no longer including a power adapter (often called a charging brick) or wired EarPod headphones with each phone. The adapter is $19. The cheapest headphones available from the Apple Store are the classic white EarPods for another $19.

Also, the prices Apple listed only stand if you have AT&T or Verizon. The math can get confusing, so we added up what some people will really be paying for the new iPhone 12 models. 

iPhone 12

Advertised starting price: $799

Real starting price for some buyers: $867

Those numbers are deceiving.

Those numbers are deceiving.

Image: Apple / SCREENGRAB

The listed starting price is $799 for 64 GB of storage, but only if you have AT&T or Verizon. If you have Sprint, T-Mobile, or go SIM-free with an unlocked phone, you’ll be paying $829. 

If you want a power adapter and headphones, that’s another $38

iPhone 12 mini

Advertised starting price: $699

Real starting price for some buyers: $767

Just like the iPhone 12, the smaller mini is listed as starting at $699 with 64 GB of storage, but that bumps up to $729 for non-AT&T and Verizon users. The box also only comes with the phone and a cable — no brick or headphones, so tack on another $38 for those.

iPhone 12 Pro

Advertised starting price: $999

Real starting price for some buyers: $1,037

The Pro version of the iPhone 12 starts with 128 GB of storage for $999 (the biggest size available is 512 GB for $1,299) and the pricing is consistent no matter which carrier you use. But like the 12 and 12 mini, the Pro doesn’t come with basic accessories, so that’s another $38 to the price.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Advertised starting price: $1,099

Real starting price for some buyers: $1,137

So now the most expensive iPhone is the 12 Pro Max with 512 GB storage for $1,399 — which does not include a charging brick or EarPods https://t.co/WcCOJtOF42

— Sasha Lekach (@sashajol) October 13, 2020

The most feature-packed phone is the Pro Max and it’s also the most expensive. It also starts with 128 GB of storage, but for $1,099 — across all carriers. But don’t let the “Max” in the name fool you: It still doesn’t come with extras like a charging brick or headphones. So fork over another $38. If you truly max out the phone with 512 GB of storage, that’ll run you $1,437.

And, of course, the price tag can climb even higher if you add a pair of $249 AirPods Pro to your cart. 

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