WORTH THE PRICE! Prices and Specs of Oneplus 8 Have Been Leaked to the Public
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Not everyone is interested in fancy brands when it comes to phones. In fact, some mobile phone enthusiasts really do pay attention to the specs and discern whether or not the price is worth it! These enthusiasts have been putting the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Lite on their list of things to watch out for, and now leaks have started to surface regarding prices and specs! There are huge macroeconomic factors like the coronavirus or Covid-19 that has affected the tech industry. Still, the good part is that some new intelligence from India could give us insights into what is going on and how much are we supposed to save up? 

WORTH THE PRICE! Prices and Specs of Oneplus 8 have been Leaked to the Public

(Photo : Screenshot From GSMArena.com Facebook Page)

Oneplus 8

The information was leaked through 91mobiles

91mobiles is an online retailer, and this just so happened to be the platform wherein blogger Ishan Agarwal leaked the information about the upcoming phone! There are rumors suggesting the capacity of this device to be about 5G capable Dimensity 1000, the 8 GB RAM and even an option for either a 128 or a 256 GB internal storage. The OnePlus 8 Lite is supposed to have a 6.4″ AMOLED display along with a 90Hz refresh rate as well as a fingerprint sensor! This phone also sports three rear cameras having 48 MP, 16 MP, and even 12 MP respectively in resolution!

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The battery life and overall functionality

The battery is expected to run on 4,000mAh and also supports the 30 watt Warp Challenge! As for the OS, there’s obviously going to be an Android 10 backing this baby up! So far, so good, the specs seem to be pretty amazing for a simple phone, but wait until you hear what the price is! Most phones these days have been increasing in price due to problems with production as the whole world deals with the coronavirus or the Covid-19.

Phone at retail would be a little over $500!

Compared to the Samsung S8, which was priced at $720 and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy s 20 Ultra, which will hit the markets at a price of $1,400. This stellar phone would only be a fraction of that cost, and more and more people would be able to see how worth the price really is even without knowing the brand! This is one of the cheapest phones out there that support 5G with a very functioning model.

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The whole tech industry has been affected by the ongoing scare of the virus

As multiple factories have been shut down, certain phone models had to postpone their launches, and current phones had to source out the remaining stocks from other means aside from China. The whole phone production has been a current problem which the tech industry phases, which is why it is a good thing that OnePlus 8 seems to be doing just fine. Also, the prices of their phones with regard to the functionality of their devices are definitely worth it.

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